Electric Guitar Quartet

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Clockwise from upper upper left: Warren Sirota, Kathy Greenstone, Van Williamson, and Ken Frankel.

Ken Frankel invented this group because he couldn't find enough classical mandolin players to play in a mandolin quartet. We started out just reading quartets for fun, but magic happened, and soon we were performing professionally throughout the Bay Area, and developing a loyal following. We played string quartets and other classical pieces on unique electric guitars which Ken specially designed to cover the range of usual string quartet instruments (violin, viola, and cello).

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1983 Cassette

We recorded these songs in Ken's home studio, and sold the cassettes at our concerts

J. Pachelbel -
Canon in D

Tom Constanten -
Alaric's Premonition - a gothic fugue en rondeau on a theme by J. Garcia

Download Pachelbel

Download Constanten

W. A. Mozart -
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

Played one key below usual, and a little slower than usual to bring out the guitar sounds better.

A. Glazounow -
Slavic Quartet

An interesting discovery. The first three movements worked great for guitars.

Live Recordings of Pieces by J. S. Bach

This is the best that could be salvaged from the few recordings we made with cheap cassette recorders.

From our last concert, 1985:
Brandenburg Concerto No. 3

Allegro Moderato

Adagio & Allegro

Download Allegro Moderato Movement

Download Adagio & Allegro Movement

Recorded in 1982:
Two more Bach pieces.

Brandenburg Concerto No.4 - Presto


Download Brandenburg 4 Presto

Download Bach Fugue

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