Ken Frankel's Music

A sampling of my recorded music, in approximate reverse chronological order.

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Family Lines (my previous group 2007-2012)

Acoustic trio. I play guitar, banjo, fiddle, and mandolin. Fabulous harmonies and original songs by my wife Susan Nielsen and her brother Tim McDonald.

Cover Song Demos

Songs recorded in 2009.

Family Lines web site

Original Song Demos

Original songs by Susan and Tim, recorded in 2008.

Demo's from my next most recent previous groups, all recorded 2006-2008


Country rock - I played electric guitar. After 50 years professional music experience, my first time as the only melody instrument in a rock band. Susan sang harmonies. Susan and I quit this group in June, 2008.

Ross Valley Roots

Old Time & Americana trio. I played fiddle, banjo, and guitar. Susan sang lead and harmonies. Unfortunately, our third member left.

Classical Groups, 1970's and 1980's

Recordings Salvaged From Very Old Tape Cassettes

Electric Guitar Quartet

From 1981-1985, we performed throughout the bay area on electric guitars which I specially designed. The first two pieces were recorded in my home studio. Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 was recorded live at our last concert in Berkeley with a cheap cassette recorder (the recording missed the beginning of the first movement).

More EGQ Music

Berkeley Mandolin Ensemble

After my mandolin quartet, I played mandolin, mandola, and mandocello with this wonderful small mandolin orchestra. We played in concerts, on radio, and on TV. I traveled with them to Germany as the only USA representative at the 1978 Zupfest mandolin festival in Germany.

More BME Music

KTBK Mandolin Quartet

This was my first serious classical music group, and didn't last very long. However, I found a tape of an early rehearsal that included my arrangement of the first movement of Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 4. This group was my inspiration for forming the Electric Guitar Quartet. The other members were Tim Ware, Bob Wilcox, and Cathy Allen.

Brandenburg Concerto No. 4, first movement, by J. S. Bach

Home, A duo with Judy Frankel, 1970-1980

When We Played Live

This was a 2-person 4-piece folk-rock band with my ex-wife Judy. When we played live, Judy played guitar and my programmable drum machine invention with her feet. I played guitar and footpedal bass. As usual, my ideas were about 20 years ahead of their time, specifically the idea of performing with a programmable drum machine. Sadly, Judy passed away in 2008.

Recorded in my home studio, 1972-1979

These recordings are not live, but multi-tracked. I played all the instruments, and sang some harmonies. Judy did all the lead singing, and also harmonies. We did use my electronic drum invention on the songs, but everything else is us multi-tracked. I built this studio in 1972 to record us, but only managed to record a few songs, as I was also developing my real estate career during these years. This was a fairly primitive studio by today's standards, and the tapes used to transfer to digital are copies of copies and 40 years old, so the quality isn't very good.

Sometimes   (Traditional)     D

My Way Home   (Steve Winwood)     D

I Found You   (Ken Frankel)     D

Mountains of the Moon   (Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter)     D
(My friend Jerry wrote out the words for us, and loved our arrangement)

Golden Slumbers   (Ken & Judy Frankel)     D
(Based on a poem by Thomas Dekker, different tune than the Beatles')

Professional Groups During the 1960's

Ill Wind 1966-1969

I was co-founder, songwriter, and lead guitarist for this famous Boston psychedelic rock band. We were regular featured performers at the main Boston hall called The Boston Tea Party, and throughout New England. These songs are from our ABC Records album.

Ill Wind Web Site

Norm & Judy 1965-1966

I was the accompanist for Norm Gan and Judy Bradbury, successful Boston folk duo. I later was married to Judy for 12 years. Carey Mann (co-founder of the Ill Wind with me) played bass with us. These songs were recorded in a friend's apartment studio.

More Norm & Judy Music

Coast Mountain Ramblers

1962-1964. High energy old-timey band with Dave Pollack and Richard Greene. In 1963 we won the year-long Ash Grove (L.A.) talent contest (Ry Cooder came in second). Our prize was to play there for two weeks. These songs were recorded there.

More CMR Music