Coast Mountain Ramblers

Ken Frankel, Richard Greene, and Dave Pollack

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This music is of historical interest only, and not for sale. Richard Greene has continued from where he started with this group, and had a wonderful career playing much better music. He has many CD's avaialable at his web site and from any CD sales source. Click here to go to Richard's web site.

Our 1963 Demo

Recorded on the Ash Grove stage in 1963 on the afternoon following our 2-week gig there.

Live at the Ash Grove

Recorded on the Ash Grove stage in 1963 during our live performances.

Ken's History of the Coast Mountain Ramblers

I had played music in high school with Dave, who is as good a musician as I have ever met. In 1960 we were undergraduates at University of California at Berkeley, and were trying to put together an old-timey group. We put a few notices up looking for a third person, but couldn't find anyone. Richard was an excellent classical violinist from our high school, living in the same place as Dave (the Co-Op). Out of desperation, we decided to try to teach Richard how to play fiddle. He was a little resistant in the beginning, and made fun of the music. We put a few songs together and played them on a folk radio show (the Midnight Special on KPFA). Much to our surprise, and especially to Richard's surprise, everyone went crazy for us. All of a sudden, Richard was hooked. In the early 1960's, we played on the Midnight Special radio show often, and in small concerts and clubs. In 1963 we won the Ash Grove talent contest, which was a year long event. (Ry Cooder came in second). Our prize was to play for a week at the Ash Grove. We were so successful they held us over for a second week. Shortly after that, Dave and I graduated and went on to other types of endeavors. Richard made fiddle his career, which was a good thing for his many fans.


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