Psychotherapy Research and Computer programs
by Kenneth Frankel, Ph.D.

This program matches clients to psychotherapists based on client and therapist characteristics Dr. Frankel found in the psychotherapy research literature, and combined into this computer program. Based on his study of the first version of this program, Dr. Frankel is improving the program. For much more information, go to Dr. Frankel's Client-Therapist Matching web site.

PsyData is a computer program to assist any type of talk therapy, used during therapy sessions by clients and therapists simultaneously. The therapist and client each have their own computer screen, keyboard, and mouse. Talk therapy proceeds as normal, and occassionally the therapist and/or client make entries into the computer. The therapist and client can also jointly look at information that was entered previously. The PsyData program organizes the information in a unique way to facilitate analysis and productive use of the information, and to facilitate the discovery of helpful new information. PsyData isn't a new method of therapy, but instead is a method of increasing the effectiveness of therapy.

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