Berkeley Mandolin Ensemble

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Music Salvaged From Old Cassettes

1979 Demo

Live on KPFA

Recorded in 1979, live on KPFA Radio in Berkeley

Live in Bolinas

1978 Concert in Bolinas, California

Clockwise from upper upper left: Bob Wilcox mandolin, Mark Strandberg guitar, Ken Frankel mandola, Ray Gamba mandolin, Roger Kahn guitar, Vina Cera mandocello, Patty Petite mandolin, Liz Lamson mandolin, Jim Kirkland mandola.

Liz Lamson was the leader of this unusual classical ensemble. We performed concerts throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and also were the only American representatives at the 1978 German Zupfest, a classical mandolin festival held every 4 years.

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